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Failure to follow safety guidelines may result in serious injury. Read instruction manual prior to use.

This is a Class 3R Laser Product.

1) 1500 RPM (Revolutions per minute) MAXIMUM. DO NOT USE ON DIAMETERS LESS THAN 40mm. ENSURE THE DEVICE IS SECURELY MOUNTED. Check rotational speed (RPM) settings prior to energizing equipment. DO NOT EXCEED 1500 RPM. Since there is always a risk that the device may be mounted improperly, do not position your eyes in the same level as the rotating device. ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY GLASSES. Do not use if any parts appear broken, loose or show signs of significant corrosion as a damaged device could fly off when device is rotating at high speed. 

2) DO NOT stare directly at the laser beam or project the laser beam directly into the eyes of others, or at reflective surfaces. Always deactivate the unit off when not in use. Leaving the tool on increases the risk of someone inadvertently staring into the laser bean causing possible eye injury. DO NOT modify the unit. Never attempt to activate the laser with the top cap removed. 

3) DO NOT operate the CENTERQUIC™ Laser Center/Edge Finder around children or allow children to operate the tool. Do not place it in a position that may cause anyone to stare into the laser beam. Serious eye injury could result.

4) DO NOT use the CENTERQUIC™ Laser Center/Edge Finder for any purpose other than those outlined in the instructions. Doing so could result in serious injury.